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Giant Inflatable Advertising Balloons

inflatable collage We've been involved with inflatables and the advertising industry since 1982. Our outrageous giant inflatable balloons are used for the entertainment, special event, trade show, retail, and museum markets. The unique ability that sets our giant inflatables apart from the rest? Creativity and art work that is second to none.

We made giant inflatable Budweiser bottles sit on top of a 45' beer dispenser truck and are showcased at sporting events all over the United States. The bottles on top make the truck look like a giant ice chest—quite an eye-catching effect.

"The design and artwork was exactly what we hoped to achieve for our giant balloon. The quality of your artwork was fantastic!" —Anheiser-Busch

Giant balloons mean giant impact at your special event or promotion. Don't get lost in the clutter, use giant inflatables!

Check out our painting a giant balloon plane!

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