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Art Requirements for Digital Printing

The art requirements for digital printing are as follows.

1. Convert fonts to outlines or curves.

2. Files must be sized 100% @100 dpi or a percentage. Example 25% of 8' will be 24" so the file size should be 400 dpi.

3. Files can be in psd, pdf, AI, eps, or tif format.

4. Files should be in CYMK.

5. We cannot guarantee exact color matching with RGB files. If color matching is required,
customer must provide PMS color numbers (additional fees may apply). Certain colors are
impossible to match with process colors, however we will do our best to make it look good.

6. Apply bleed if necessary.

Files under 5 MB can be e-mailed.
Our FTP server customer info

Both PC and Mac users must have the program “Fetch”, Transmit, or equivalent ftp software.
In Fetch or other ftp program type in:
or just
login = customers
password = Attention1

The password is case sensitive.

PC owners using Explorer in the browser line type in;

At the top of the window it will say "to view this ftp site in windows explorer click "page", then "view site with windows explorer". The page button is just above the window on the right side.

You will then be prompted to put in the login and password.

Now you can drag and drop files in that window onto our ftp site.

Download this document as a .pdf